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projects in development

FREEZE  6 x 30’ Comedy TV series

Set in the world of rival ice cream van men, this action comedy follows a gang set on taking over the local ice cream business during the busy summer months. Inspired by the Glasgow ice cream wars of the 1980s.

THE CLAIRVOYANT  22 x 30’ U.S. Comedy TV series

A broke charlatan Clairvoyant’s world is turned upside down when the daughter he didn’t know he had is dumped on his doorstep after her mother passes away; the final death knell to his struggling business, he thinks, until she reveals to him she can actually see dead people... The Sixth Sense meets Big Daddy.

SWEEP  6 x 30’ Comedy TV series

When a group of cleaners get fired and threatened with eviction, they turn their hands to Olympic curling, naively believing that their experience with sweeping will allow them to win the prize money. Dodgeball with brooms... on ice.

Writing with Emma Moffat and Keelan Kember

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